I don't sleep. I just dream.


The Women
-Till the next time, Mr Holmes.
-Good morning, Mr Holmes.
-Feeling better?
-I'm fine since you didn't ask.
-I'm sad tonight. Let's have dinner.
-I'm not hungry, let's have dinner.
-Bored in a hotel. Join me. Let's have dinner.
-John's blog is HILARIOUS. I think he likes you more than I do. Let's have dinner.
-I can see tower bridge and the moon from my room. Work out where I am and join me.
-I saw you in the street today. You didn't see me.
-You do know that hat actually suits you, don't you?
-Oh for God's sake. Let's have dinner.
-I like your funny hat.
-I'm in Egypt talking to an idiot. Get on a plane, let's have dinner.
-You looked sexy on Crimewatch.
-Even you have got to eat. Let's have dinner.
-BBC1 right now. You will laugh.
-I'm thinking of sending you a Christmas present.
-I'm not dead. Let's have dinner.

-Happy New Year

The Women
-Goodbye Mr Holmes


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