I don't sleep. I just dream.

The Secret Fate of All Life

This is a world where nothing is solved.
Someone once told me, "Time is a flat circle."
Everything we've ever done or will do
we're gonna do over and over and over again…
…and that little boy and that little girl,
they're gonna be in that room again…
and again…
and again…

You ever heard of something called
the M-brane theory, detectives?
It's like in this universe,
we process time linearly forward…
but outside of our spacetime,
from what would be a fourth-dimensional perspective,
time wouldn't exist,
and from that vantage, could we attain it..
we'd see…
our spacetime would look flattened,
like a single sculpture with matter
in a superposition of every place it ever occupied,
our sentience just cycling through our lives
like carts on a track.
See, everything outside our dimension…
that's eternity,
eternity looking down on us.
Now, to us,
it's a sphere,
but to them…
it's a circle.

In eternity, where there is no time,
nothing can grow.
Nothing can become.
Nothing changes.
So death created time
to grow the things that it would kill…
and you are reborn
but into the same life
that you've always been born into.
I mean, how many times have we
had this conversation, detectives?
Well, who knows?
When you can't remember your lives,
you can't change your lives,
and that is the terrible and the secret fate of all life.
You're trapped…
by that nightmare you keep waking up into.


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